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Meet an Expert: Charlene J. Barva

Dr. Charlene J. Barva is a Registered Psychologist employed with a large school board in Western Canada. Her research focus has been on high-achieving or gifted females with undiagnosed learning disabilities. She has a teaching background and experience working with a diverse population of students. Her clinical experience includes assessment,…

It’s Official! Modules Retired!

As of today the following modules have been retired: Curious about Cannabis (2017/18) Alternative modules: Cannabis: What Is it? Cannabis: Risk & Protective Factors Cannabis: Legalization 2018 Seeing through the Vape Cutting: What Teachers Need to Know (2013/14) Alternative module available fall 2019: What is Self-harm?

Selected MORE Modules being RETIRED permanently

As of July 1, 2019 the following modules will be retired from the MORE LMS: Curious about Cannabis (2017/18) Cutting: What Teachers Need to Know (2013/14) If you are enrolled in a course above, please ensure you complete the course and download the Certificate of Completion by June 30, 2019.…

National Child and Youth Mental Health Day

Today is National Child and Youth Mental Health Day! This day was started by the Institute of Families for Child & Youth Mental Health and is about creating awareness and acknowledgement of the thousands of children, youth, and families needing mental health support and care across Canada.

MORE Tips – Certificates

Trouble finding your certificate? There are a couple places to find your certificate. In your profile page under the “Certificate” tab Open the module in the “Courses” tab – the “Enroll” button at the bottom will now say “Certificate” If your certificate isn’t showing, please go back to the content…