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Cannabis Edibles 101

As of today, cannabis edibles are legal in Canada. Though edibles will not be on shelves until December 2019, your students may have questions. For a quick guide to cannabis edibles, review this 4-page resource from Alberta Health Services: https://tinyurl.com/edcannabis 2019/10/17

Meet an Expert: School-based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol Committee

The School-based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol committee was made up of over 20 healthcare professionals, school-based mental health professionals, and community agency representatives. This collaborative brought together those with many years of clinical experience within school settings along with those who deal with suicide assessment and treatment in the community…

Mentoring Alberta Youth’s Social/ Emotional Literacy

Interested in a Teen Mentoring project in your school? The Alberta Mentoring Partnership invites you to participate in a Teen Mentoring in Schools Collaborative Community. These workshops, a combination of face to face and on-line, are for teachers and other school staff who are interested in starting or enhancing mentoring…

Meet an Expert: Charlene J. Barva

Dr. Charlene J. Barva is a Registered Psychologist employed with a large school board in Western Canada. Her research focus has been on high-achieving or gifted females with undiagnosed learning disabilities. She has a teaching background and experience working with a diverse population of students. Her clinical experience includes assessment,…

It’s Official! Modules Retired!

As of today the following modules have been retired: Curious about Cannabis (2017/18) Alternative modules: Cannabis: What Is it? Cannabis: Risk & Protective Factors Cannabis: Legalization 2018 Seeing through the Vape Cutting: What Teachers Need to Know (2013/14) Alternative module available fall 2019: What is Self-harm?