Mindfulness for Anxiety Management

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Mindfulness for Anxiety Management

Posted December 2019

The purpose of this module is to provide school administrators and staff an online presentation on managing anxiety through mindfulness, before sharing it with your parent/caregiver community on the Community Education Service website.

Learning Objective

To help you determine if this module should be shared with parents/caregivers in your school community.

Audience:                  K-12 Educators

Category:                  CES Parent Modules

Est. Time:                  5-minutes

Learning Level:       Introductory/ Level 1


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 Mindfulness for Anxiety Management

 The purpose of this 5-minute module is to introduce parents to mindfulness as a management tool for anxiety and stress management.

Upon completion of this module you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between stress and anxiety
  • Have an emerging understanding about mindfulness and learn possible ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life
  • Utilize mindfulness-based strategies to support your child with stress and anxiety management

Access this module on the Community Education Service website http://community.hmhc.ca/


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  • Alhilker

    Amanda, EA

    The meter is a great visual to self-regulate. Teaching our students and ourselves to focus on our breathing also really helps to control our numerous and confusing thoughts in times of high anxiety.
  • Diane kramer

    Mindfulness for anxiety mgmt

    Very insightful.
  • Hckeymum

    wonderful insight on mindfulness

    well done.