WISCed Away in Psychoeducational Assessment

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“WISC”ed Away in Psychoeducational Assessment

Posted July 2019

The purpose of this module is to provide you with an understanding of psychoeducational assessment while providing you with strategies in the classroom as it relates to: verbal comprehension, visual spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory and process speed.

 Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on when a psychoeducational assessment may be appropriate for your student(s)
  • Familiarize yourself with  a WISC-V Report
  • Enhance understanding of the WISC-V Indexes: verbal comprehension, visual spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory, processing speed
  • Reflect on strategies to use in your classroom

Helpful Hint

Before starting this module review both handouts and determine if downloading for note taking is necessary.


Grade: 2 – 12

Audience: Educators

Category: Child Development or Miscellaneous

Est. Time: 30 minutes

Learning Level: Introductory


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  • Alhilker

    Amanda, EA

    These 5 areas of the WISC assessment are important to know so that educators can decipher a student’s report and use it to a student’s benefit in the classroom.