That Kid, Your Child, My Student (teacher version)

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That Kid, Your Child, My Student (teacher version)

Posted December 2019


Amy Murray, Principal of Early Childhood Education at the Calgary French & International School and author of the blog, has collaborated with MORE to transform her world-renowned blog Dear Parent: About that Kid… into a 6-minute video presentation.

The purpose of this module is to reflect on teacher confidentiality and how it impacts teachers, parents, and students.

Please take the time to review the reflection questions at the beginning of this presentation and consider them as you watch the video.

NOTE: An evaluation form and Certificate of Completion are not provided as part of this module.
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This is an open access course. Go to the “Curriculum” tab and click PREVIEW to view presentation without registering on the MORE website.


Audience:                  K-12 beginning teachers and anyone with an interest in the topic

Category:                   Extra Extra

Est. Time:                  6-minutes + (COP optional)

Learning Level:       Introductory



ATTN Schools: Extend Your Learning by Creating a Community of Practice (COP)

Should you wish to extend your learning, within a group, we suggest:

  • Create a Community of Practice
  • Review reflection question handout.
  • Watch this video as an individual.
  • Come together to discuss the presentation and how learnings may impact you and your school community.


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  • Shazia

    That kid ,your child,My student (teacher version)

    its touch your heart .empathy develops self awareness.
  • Alhilker

    Amanda, EA

    This video really drives home the fact that student confidentiality is crucial. It also shows how much our teachers are worried about each and every one of their kids and we, as EAs and the public, need to remember and respect that. EAs can really do a lot to take some of this burden off the shoulders of the teachers and to find the sunlight and beauty that every child brings to school.
  • Olga

    That Kid, Your Child, My Student (teacher version)

    Very useful!
  • Hckeymum

    you nailed it!

    What a great way to create empathy and understanding from individuals who only see the behavior of a child dealing with so much. Very emotional and really hits home for me as an EA working with the students. :)