Name that Mental Health Disorder (Flip Card Game)

Mental Health
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Name that Mental Health Disorder (Flip Card Game)

Posted September 2019

The purpose of this module is to provide K-12 educators with a fun way, as a flip card game, to learn about the different mental health disorders identified by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

On average, reviewers indicate, this module takes 30 minutes to complete.

NOTE: An evaluation form and Certificate of Completion are not provided as part of this module.
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Audience: K-12 Educators
Category: Mental Health
Est. Time: Self-learning
Learning Level: Introduction


  • This content is for information purposes only. Please be sure not to use this to diagnose yourself or others.
  • CAUTION: We all may have experiences we think exhibit the criteria for the disorders mentioned. In order for a mental health professional to make a diagnosis people must be properly assessed to determine if they meet the specific criteria for a particular disorder.
  • When it is known that a mental health professional has diagnosed a student, please ensure you access appropriate resources to support your student, as per your school policy.

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  • Fathia Sheikh Bana

    Name that mental health disorder flipcard game

    15 different types of mental health disorders.