SI Protocol: Mental Health Professional

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SI Protocol: Mental Health Professional

Posted August 2019

This module is designed specifically for the School-Based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol Mental Health Professional* to provide you an opportunity to view the lessons related to your role as the SI Mental Health Professional.

This module is designed for you to learn at your own pace to:

  1. Understand the purpose of the SI Protocol in relation to your role.
  2. Explain the components of this Protocol in relation to your role.

Upon reviewing this module If you require more information please contact your school administrator or department lead.

* If you take on the role as both the Point Person and Mental Health Professional please complete Point Person section as well. Please go to the module SI Protocol: Point Person.

To receive a Certificate of Completion ALL modules, handouts and the evaluation within the course must be completed.


Lessons within Module Link

  • Protocol Overview (5 min)
  • Section 3: Mental Health Professional  (30 min)
    Contains 2 case studies
  • Section 3: Experience Talking (5 min)
    Deb Nunziata, Golden Hills School Division #75
  • Section 4: Follow-Up & Re-entry (5 min)
  • Appendix A: Suicidal Ideation Assessment Summary (5 min)
  • Appendix B: Safety Plan (5 min)
  • Appendix C: Information Transfer Form (5 min)


Audience: School-based Mental Health Professional
Category: Special Projects
Est. Time: 60 minutes
Learning Level: Introduction

This series of modules, about the School-Based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol (SI Protocol), is NOT suicide prevention training.

These modules are designed to assist school personnel in the implementation of the SI Protocol.

This series does NOT contain disturbing images, however, we acknowledge the sensitivity of the subject matter.

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