SI Protocol: School Administrator

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SI Protocol: School Administrator

Posted August 2019

This module is for school administrators interested in learning about the School-Based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol.

You will be provided a quick overview, to make an informed decision, about adopting the School-Based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol (SI Protocol). In this module will learn about the Protocol and how to adopt and maintain it.

After this module, based on your unique school setting, you will be able to:

  • Communicate the purpose and value of using the SI Protocol
  • Reflect on how to develop a plan to support your staff during the the roll out of the SI Protocol
  • Identify the the steps and considerations needed to implement the SI Protocol
  • Reflect on if the Protocol can be implemented and maintained in your school

To receive a Certificate of Completion ALL modules, handouts and the evaluation within the course must be completed.

Audience: K-12 Educators
Category: Special Projects
Est. Time: 10 minutes + self-learning
Learning Level: Introduction


This series of modules, about the School-Based Suicidal Ideation Response Protocol (SI Protocol), is NOT suicide prevention training.

These modules are designed to assist school personnel in the implementation of the SI Protocol.

While this series does NOT contain disturbing images, we acknowledge the sensitivity of the subject matter.

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  • Chris Pawluk

    Very Informative

    A great overview for administrators with options for teaching staff and school counsellors