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Download and email our one-pagers and brochures on topics of interest to you and your school’s Mental Health PD

Module Categories (one-pagers)

  • CES Parent Modules
  • Child Development
  • Educator Self-Care
  • Grief & Trauma
  • Health Promotion
  • Inclusive Education
  • Mental Health 
  • Extra Extra
  • MORE
  • Sexuality
  • Social Issues
  • Special Projects
    • Information Transfer Form – General
      School-based Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Response protocol (NSSI Protocol)
    • School-based Suicidal Ideation Response protocol (SI Protocol)
  • Substance Use

MORE One-pagers

  • PD with a Twist
  • Infographic – We’ve Changed!


  • At-a-glance w/ Poster Centerfold for Staff Room (4 pages)
    updated every September
  • Detailed with links review module overviews (# pages)
    updated quarterly
  • 211 Community & Social Services WEB
  • 811 Health LinkWEB
  • Child and Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health – Calgary Zone Service DirectoryWEB


Healthy Minds Healthy Children (HMHC) Outreach Services 

General Inquires


Mental Health Online Resources for Educators

Offering K-12 teachers and school staff access to FREE online learning since 2013 to help students flourish!

We provide strategies to:

  • Identify and refer students in need of mental health resources
  • Support students with mental health issues
  • Create positive school environments

Clinical Support

Providing access to  clinicians offering clinical support to professionals working with children and adolescents, including physicians, mental health practitioners, educators, social workers, and others, in Southern Alberta.

Practitioners can call or email clinicians to consult on individual child or adolescent cases or groups; explore possible intervention strategies, resources and referral options; access telehealth consultation with the HMHC team (including our child psychiatrist), and/or identify in-service education needs for their teams. 

Community Education Services (CES)

Providing parents,  caregivers and community members with opportunities to access free, public education sessions on child and youth emotional wellness and health topics.

Continuing Professional Development

Offering accredited online learning opportunities to Alberta primary care practitioners, working with children and adolescents in the area of addictions and mental health to more effectively address the mental health needs of their young patients, while promoting interdisciplinary linkages among physicians and allied mental health clinicians treating children’s mental health.


The Canadian Research and Education for the Advancement of Child Health (CanREACH) is dedicated to developing literacy in pediatric mental health literacy for primary care providers by offering training and education services. With a vision of healthy futures for children, adolescents and families in the Calgary area and beyond, the mission of CanREACH is to transform health care systems by educating and empowering primary care providers in creating and sustaining practice changes, congruent with the most up-to-date evidence based information in child mental health. 

Registration Inquiries: | (403) 955-1104


Alberta Education

  • Mental Health Matter WEB
  • Information PrescriptionsWEB

Alberta Health Services

  • Access Mental Health – WEB
  • Addiction And Mental Health Mobile Application Directory 2018 – WEB/PDF
  • AHS Resources for Schools & Educators – WEB
  • Alberta Comprehensive School Health –
    Every school jurisdiction in Alberta has an assigned AHS staff member. Please email above to learn more.
  • Information Prescriptions – Child Health Topics – WEB

Alberta Teachers’ Association

  • Can We Talk! Creating a Compassionate ClassroomWEB
  • Mental Health in Schools – WEB

First Nations, Metis, Inuit

  • FNMI Hope for Wellness Help Line – WEB


  • Provincial Teachers Resource List – WEB


  • Anxiety Canada – WEB

  • Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention – WEB
  • Children’s Mental Health Ontario – WEB
  • eMental Health Toolkit – WEB


  • Raising Canada:
    A report on children in Canada, their health and wellbeing – PDF


  • Wildfire Professional Mental Health Resources – WEB/PDF
  • Wildfire Educator Mental Health Resources – WEB/PDF
  • Wildfire Family Mental Health Resources – WEB/PDF




  • Canadian Cannabis Laws and Regulations – WEB *
  • Cannabis Act: The Facts – WEB
  • Cannabis in Canada – WEB
  • Cannabis Legalization in Alberta – WEB
  • Clarity on Cannabis: FAQ for Educators – PDF | En Français
  • Clarity on Cannabis: Recommended Resources for Schools – PDF | En Français
  • Clarity on Cannabis: What Alberta Parents and Caregivers Need to Know – PDF  | En Français
  • Drugsafe – WEB *
  • Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines – WEB
  • Talk about Cannabis Toolkit – WEB
  • Summary of results for the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey 2016-17 – WEB


  • 2013 Alberta Floods – WEB
  • Alberta Health Services – Flood Resources & Safety – WEB
  • Build an Emergency Kit